Extreme Fitness LV


Las Vegas, NV


If you are trying to lose weight in the quickest, most efficient way, then boot camp classes are the way to go.
In our boot camp classes you will get the cardio training, sprint training, resistance training, and flexibility you need to lose weight and maintain muscle.
You will get a different workout every day that will focus on different muscles and/or different energy pathways (aerobic and anaerobic).

If your goal is general fitness and/or to maintain your fitness, then boot camp is a great way to keep your fitness levels high.
The way our workouts are planned and implemented, with the aerobic training, anaerobic training, and the resistance training, your fitness levels will get to where you want them and much more.

Extreme Fitness LV's 1st annual Extreme Fitness Challenge!!

Members of Extreme Fitness LV before the 2013 Monterey Spartan Beast, the most difficult course to date!!

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